A unique partnership

I gave birth on 14th January 2018, to a little girl. She was born at Airedale hospital with the midwives and doctors support there, as well as with the support of the Yorkshire Storks independent midwives, who I had seen during my pregnancy and who have supported me postnatally.

This is our second daughter. After my first birth, when I had pre-eclampsia and had to have a caesarean, I was determined to have a natural/ physiological birth if I could. I also wanted to have a home birth, or as much as the birth as possible at home.

The Yorkshire Storks midwife team were incredible in getting to know me and my family, listening to the choices I wanted to make and supporting me to the fullest extent. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and it was a joy getting to know each of them too. I felt confident in their support for my birth, whatever happened. I think it is this personalised care and continuity of care which I am really grateful for. My labour began naturally at 40 weeks+5 days and I laboured for some time at home, in the birth pool and in my bedroom, with the support of my partner and Sharyn from Yorkshire Storks. I then transferred to Airedale, where I continued to be supported by Sharyn and the midwife team in hospital.

I was so impressed with how the Airedale staff and Yorks Storks team worked together and were extremely mutually respectful. It is a unique partnership which these independent midwives have with a hospital and I truly hope it continues to flourish, as I hope it means more women and their babies can benefit.