For Birthplace Matters’ Homebirth Midwife of the Year 2017…

“…I nominate Sharyn Lock, who has worked with our family to welcome 2 out of our 3 babies into the world. Sharyn and her team have provided us with the best continuity of care I could ever have wished for, seeing me from my booking appointment right through to the end of my postnatal period.

In the run up to my second and third births where I was ‘overdue’ Sharyn supported me with how uniquely normal my pregnancies were, filling me with confidence for birth happening as it is supposed to, at the right time.

During labour, Sharyn respected all our wishes – home, pool, homeopathy, privacy…the list goes on. She was incredibly present without interfering and ultimately she gave me the confidence to feel that I could achieve the births I want because I knew with her support I was invincible.

And I was! My most recent birth (Saturday!) was truly magical and I couldn’t have achieved it without her. She now continues to support me with postnatal advice-breastfeeding in particular-and I feel so well cared for and understood. She never judges me, and she constantly reassures me and allows me time to make the choices that are right for me and my family. I am so pleased to have Sharyn working with me.”

Ali Morpeth

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